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艺术家 Artists: 

Allie Gao | Charlotte Coleman | Haynes Cheung | Ivana Vozelj | Leela Teasdale | Olivia Sinclair | Rosy Wang | Ruby Freeman | Xi Jing | Yadi Han | Yang Guo



In current society, the unit blurs the concept of time. Time can be circular, such as the morning, noon and evening of everyday, the 12 months of every year and seasons; but time can also be linear because of its irreversibility. Everyone has different schedule and routine which can be shifted to a more strict or casual state because of the increase of us spending time at home during the pandemic. Anti-Clockwise explores how viewing experience can be connected with and influenced due to the different viewing context of time, space and routine. This group exhibition contains works of nine fine art students from Chelsea College of Arts, they used various media like video, sculpture and photography and explored how artists can adapt to and utilize the current situation of making work.

观看指南 Instructions of Viewing:



Each artist in the group chooses one time slot to show their works, which indicates the best viewing experience can be obtained when the viewer is under the specific context of that time slot.

You will see 12 time slots on the next page, in each slot there will be different artwork displayed. Please select the time slot according to the time in your time zone, if you want to see the work in other slots, you may come, preferably, when your local time fits the slot; or just click 'here' under the slots to see all artists' works. For example, if it's 7pm in your time zone, please select the 18:00-20:00 slot.



Welcome to our exhibition at BACA Art Centre in Beijing, China. It takes place from 17/4/2021 to 8/5/2021. Related press release:

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