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伊凡娜·沃泽夫的《 退还给寄件人》是一系列绘制明信片,其想法是通过信件将童年的回忆传达给您。它们的灵感来自20世纪初至20世纪中叶的亚麻明信片,以及它们丰富多彩的特性。他们只展示回忆的片段,邀请观众进入一个私密的时刻而又不透露所有内容,而是呼吁观众与自己过去的经历建立联系。

Ivana Vozelj’s Return to Sender is a series of painted postcards that plays with the idea of having childhood memories reached to you through the post. They are inspired by the colourful linen postcards of the early to mid-20th century and their naive nature. Showing only fragments of memories, they invite the audience into a private moment without revealing everything, calling on the viewer to connect with their own past experiences.

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