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Contents of the Parcel:


  • Photograph of a black family picture - found on Google.

  • ‘Get Well Soon’ card - Written in the name of his fictional ‘daughter’. Children can often lower the alertness of adults. Adults tend to be compassionate to children, especially a little girl who just wishes her daddy to be happy.

  • An Acrylic painted American flag - To establish a positive impression on the Koreans.

  • ‘Thank you Postman Card’ - Another illusion of the package being sent by a little girl.

  • 2 boxes of medical heating pads for the eyes & the back - To help sleep and relieve tiredness.

  • Japanese snacks - Stickers are used to cover all the Japanese characters on the packages, as well as the contents which indicated what that object is.

  • Snacks from Hong Kong - The milk tea powder was his favourite.

  • Chinese supplements for Covid-19 - To helps with lung issues.

  • Terry's Orange Chocolate - Bought in London with my bf as a Christmas gift for my sister (we were doing a cross-countries Christmas gift exchange within the family, but in the end, it did not happen.) I included it in the package as it might cure his homesickness.

  • Web-camera Logitech C920 - He has anxiety working in Korea as a brown person, who doesn't speak Korean. He's given an extremely bad quality web camera that isn't able to show his face but a black shadow. I hope a nice web camera would gain him some authority as a boss, and ease the possibility of racism.

  • Wired earphone Shure SE215 - He had purchased a few earphones this year but they all broke. A better quality one should avoid the issue. He relies on earphones to communicate with the employees and me. The earphone is from the same brand that I had.

  • Wireless mice - For both working and gaming.

  • A keychain - Bought at a pop-up market in Hong Kong. My valentine's day gift for him. I bought two; one for him, one for myself.

  • Dust remover - The dust in his room was affecting his breathing. This was to help keep the dust levels under control.

The artist's boyfriend was tested positive for Covid-19 during his business trip to Korea. The isolation center in Seoul held strict rules, only permitting certain clothing or shoes to be delivered via mail. “All items received will go through screening before they can be accepted.”. Desperate to get the essentials and snacks for her boyfriend which were mostly prohibited, the artist fabricated the story of a little girl sending a love parcel to her father and wished him to get well soon.

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